Cloth Hanger

Depending on the amount of laundry and space you have, we provide various types of Cloth Hangers. Each with their unique design made to fit your needs.



  • Come with tooth bars for-wind proofing
  • Standing shoes holder for fast drying
  • Steady, smooth and lockable
  • Foldable for space saving

Standing shoes holder for fast drying

This cloth hanger comes with 10 standing shoes holder which are able to hold 5 pairs of shoes in the upside down position for faster drying compared to placing the shoes in an upright position.

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Steady, smooth and lockable wheels

Easy to move the cloth hanger around as it is equipped with steady and smooth wheels. The wheels can be locked to make the cloth hanger stay and does not move around when using it.

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Foldable and saves space

Ideal for travelers or frequent movers as it is simple to install and consumes only a comparatively small space of a room due to its foldability nature.

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