Coverage of

All our customers enjoy a 2-year limited hardware warranty on parts :-

Terms and Conditions

  1. Notify us through “Contact Us”, providing us any relevant images or videos within 7 days from the date of defect.
  2. For new unit(s), please notify us before assembly. Once assembly is done, warranty will not be covered for physical damage(s).
  3. Any part(s) repaired or replaced will be covered for the remaining warranty period.

What is not covered under the warranty?

Limited Warranty

GVW reserves the right and discretion to determine the warranty is effective or such part(s) shall be replaced or repaired. Shall there be any damage(s) caused by abusive actions that derive from the intended usage of the product(s); including, but not limited to modification, impact, will result in termination of the warranty with immediate effect.

This warranty is effective only on the initial buyer. GVW should be notified for any transfer of ownership and warranty for the warranty to be effective.

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