Sink Rack

We provide sink racks that come in various sizes. Each of them is manufactured to be durable, easy to clean and stain-resistant.

GVW 6212


  • Size : 0.103
  • Net Weight : 9kgs

Delicate design to satisfy all basic kitchen needs

Modern looking stainless steel sink rack that promises a long-lasting luster and shiny appearance and functionality. It is designed for convenient usage and ideal for sophisticated cooking and meal preparation

The sink rack is implemented with advanced durability to hold a plurality of cooking materials and dishes. It solely requires simple cleaning to keep the outer surface of the sink rack clean and shiny as it is built to be invulnerable to damages caused by termites, extreme weather, bacteria, fungus, cockroaches, tarnishes, scratches and stains.

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Large dual sink bowls

It comes with identical sink bowls located side by side that are both built with stronger bases and also a big space to handle bigger cooking equipment, ingredients and dishes simultaneously.

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Big Storage Base

The expanded area of the counter next to the dual sink bowls facilitates an efficient cooking or meal preparation station. Complementarily, an advanced custom made shelf rack that is firmer and vaster provides extra storage for larger masses of kitchen equipment.

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