Cloth Hanger

Depending on the amount of laundry and space you have, we provide various types of Cloth Hangers. Each with their unique design made to fit your needs.

GVW 2302


  • DIM : 0.012
  • Net Weight : 3.40KGS
  • Packing : 1 CTN/SET
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Minimalistic utilization

Ideal for simple use such as storing and hanging clothes indoors as this cloth hanger can hang up to 15 pieces of clothes and accommodate at least 6 pairs of shoes on the shelf rack.

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Polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) coating

This cloth hanger’s refined coating shields the stainless steel bars from weathering, oxidizing, and decolorizing. It is essential to be utilized due to its capability to maintain the original shine and luster appearance and also prolong the lastingness of the cloth hanger.

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Heavy duty PU castor wheels

Comes with high quality and 360° rotating heavy duty polyurethane caster wheels that contributes to the movability of a heavily loaded cloth hanger. The quality of polyurethane used allows a smooth transportation, safe surface contact and also ability to be impervious to wear and abrasion. To halt instability, a lock can be applied near the wheels.

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