Cloth Hanger

Depending on the amount of laundry and space you have, we provide various types of Cloth Hangers. Each with their unique design made to fit your needs.

Ideal for medium families with big piles of laundry

This cloth hanger has multiple layers of stainless steel bars that also comes with the feature of two separated wave-like hooks which allow users to hang up to more than 60 pieces of clothes including 4 towels. Above the spacious shelf rack, users can dry at least 8 pairs of shoes simultaneously.

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Polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) coating

This material allows the cloth hanger to be resistant to rusting, weathering, UV rays damage and so it assists to preserve a bright and shiny outer surface, and also extends the lastingness of the hanger’s structure.

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Heavy duty PU castor wheels

The high quality and 360° rotating heavy duty polyurethane caster wheels are capable of handling heavier weight and function to facilitate smooth transportation and safe surface contact. It is resistant to splitting and tearing when heavily loaded. A seal lock is also applicable to stabilize the cloth hanger.

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Foldable and saves space

Ideal for travelers or frequent movers as it is simple to install and consumes only a comparatively small space of a room due to its foldability nature.

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